Wedding expenses in the UK

On a mission to throw parties of a lifetime amidst love and laughter, couples in the UK collectively spend averagely £10 billion. The average cost of weddings in 2015 was £24,000, £20,983 in 2014, £21,939 in 2012 and £20,020 in 2009.

The journey to wedding officially starts during engagement then grows gradually to the wedding day itself then later on the honeymoon. Each wedding has its own cost depending on a wide range of variables. A study conducted depicted different categories of wedding expenditure portrayed by different couples; most couples spent between £ 5k and £ 20k.

Wedding expenses can be broken down into several groups to ease the budget process;

Reception venue – This cost an average of £3,919 for couples who choose to have a ceremony at a different location.

Catering – Depending on the preference this costs around £3,959.

Photography/video – Most couples like their photos and videos done by a professional and this will come at a cost of roughly £1,046.

Flowers – Weddings are colorful events and what is more colorful than a flower? Flowers in an average wedding cost roughly £638.

Cake – Nowadays except funerals most ceremonies are characterized by a cake(s). In UK weddings the cake cost is approximately £300.

Entertainment – At £773 you are likely to get a good entertainment characterized by bands and at least a good DJ in the UK.

Dress – It is not just any dress, it is the bride’s maid wedding dress. The mean estimate prize for such a dress is £1,378 but vary from couple to couple depending on tastes and preferences.

Shoes – The brides’ shoes cost roughly £161.

Stationery – such as menus and escort cards cost about £271.

Headdress/veil – The mean price of a veil is £138.

Attendants’ outfits – Attendants’ outfits are needed in weddings and their approximate cost is £436.

Mother-of-the-bride outfit – It is wise to include the mother of the brides outfit in the budget and it is likely to cost; £349.

Groom’s outfit – At about £439 one can acquire a good groom’s suit.

Beauty – It is every girls dream to get all the attention in their wedding and that is why there is a budget allocated for beauty; £301.

Engagement ring – This cost in most cases is the groom’s responsibility and costs about £3,037.

Wedding rings and jewellery – These are likely to cost £ 982

Honeymoon – An average honeymoon in the UK costs £4,413

These are some of the most common expenditures experienced in a British wedding. The secret to economic spending is planning. Most couples opt to hire wedding planners to plan theirs weddings according to their desires but within the available budget.