British couples spend £738 million celebrating their wedding anniversar

Summer time is a wonderful season for weddings. And it also proves to be a very busy time for many in the UK who are celebrating their wedding anniversaries. Wedding anniversaries do incur many expenses each year as new research shows that the British people pay out seven hundred and thirty eight million British pounds per year on their wedding anniversary celebrations.

other anniversary giftsEach year there are over half among the people of the British population who take time to celebrate the joyous event of commemorating the exchange of their wedding vows. Over two thousand couples were interviewed by Travelodge in order to discover what their views about celebrating their wedding anniversary in relation to today’s society standards were.

The primary findings revealed that people still are in love and believe in honoring their romance and wedding anniversary each year. The total average is that British people spend approximately one hundred and eleven pounds in relation to the celebration of their beloved wedding anniversary. They spend nearly seventy pounds on staying at a nice hotel for a night and they spend about forty one pounds on a lovely gift for their spouse.

The research that was conducted also shed light on the fact that the couples who live in the region of London spend more than the national average of one hundred and eleven pounds which reaches as much as one hundred and fifty three pounds for their wedding anniversary celebrations. Those who reside in the vicinity of Geordie are reported to spend nearly one hundred and fifty one British pounds, while those in Cambridge are said to spend about one hundred and forty pounds to honor the event of their wedding anniversary.

It is reported that men seem to be the more romantic of those honoring the wedding anniversary date as they spend a little over one hundred and twenty four pounds, while women spend a little over ninety nine pounds.