British couples spend £738 million celebrating their wedding anniversar

Summer time is a wonderful season for weddings. And it also proves to be a very busy time for many in the UK who are celebrating their wedding anniversaries. Wedding anniversaries do incur many expenses each year as new research shows that the British people pay out seven hundred and thirty eight million British pounds per year on their wedding anniversary celebrations. Each year there are over half among the people of the British population who take time to celebrate the joyous event of commemorating the exchange of their wedding Continue Reading →

Wedding expenses in the UK

On a mission to throw parties of a lifetime amidst love and laughter, couples in the UK collectively spend averagely £10 billion. The average cost of weddings in 2015 was £24,000, £20,983 in 2014, £21,939 in 2012 and £20,020 in 2009. The journey to wedding officially starts during engagement then grows gradually to the wedding day itself then later on the honeymoon. Each wedding has its own cost depending on a wide range of variables. A study conducted depicted different categories of wedding expenditure portrayed by different couples; most couples Continue Reading →

Amazing Statistics About UK Valentine’s Day Spending

Valentine day is one of the biggest and most celebrated holidays all over the world. People spend huge sums of money buying presents and doing lots of other things for their lovers. One of the countries known for spending a lot of money on Valentine Day is UK. This is evidenced by statistics. We shall provide you with exclusive information about UK’s incredible spending on Valentine Day. According to a recent survey conducted in UK, it was found out that men spend more money than their female partners. Every man Continue Reading →

‘Rural’ Socialist Alliance takes on Countryside Alliance

The Socialist Alliance today invaded the wide open spaces in the Countryside Alliance’s bogus claims to speak for ordinary people in rural areas. John Lister, the Socialist Alliance candidate challenging Treasury minister Andrew Smith in Oxford East, said: “There’s a slump in average farm incomes to around £4,000 last year in Wales and even lower in Scotland. While the rural rich and their hangers on whinge about fox hunting, they ignore the real problems faced by working class people in rural areas. There is a real crisis in the countryside, Continue Reading →

SA candidate Louise Christian joins Tommy Sheridan’s “Imagine” book launch

Human rights lawyer Louise Christian joins Tommy Sheridan, Scottish Socialist Party MSP, for the launch of his book Imagine this Friday at a London rally as part of the Socialist Alliance general election campaign. Co-written by fellow SSP member Alan McCombes, Imagine: A socialist vision for the 21st century has been described by John Pilger as “a powerful book which articulates the desires of the disenfranchised.” Film director and SA supporter Ken Loach has also endorsed the book: “It’s easy to know what we are fighting against, not easy to Continue Reading →

Socialist Alliance in biggest left election challenge since 1945

Candidates condemn New Labour attack on comprehensive education ‘Don’t vote for bomber Blair’ campaign in response to Iraq raid Louise Christian and Tommy Sheridan at London rally this Friday More socialist candidates than ever before will challenge New Labour in the coming election. The 150 strong Socialist Alliance candidates and agents meeting in Birmingham this weekend put in place the organisation which will challenge Tony Blair on key policy issues. Former Labour MP Dave Nellist, now the Socialist Alliance candidate in Coventry, rounded on Tony Blair’s ‘bog standard comprehensive’ remarks Continue Reading →

Privatisation spells disaster

“This council has stopped listening to the people of Southwark, and after this has obviously stopped caring about them”, said John Mulrenan, Assistant Secretary of Southwark Unison and prospective parliamentary candidate for the Socialist Alliance in the Camberwell and Peckham constituency. John voiced the anger of hundreds of parents, school students and education workers lobbying the council on Monday 22 January when Southwark Council’s education sub-committee bulldozed through a decision to privatise all education services in the borough. The service has been sold off to road builders, WS Atkins. John Continue Reading →

LSA welcomes French spirit of direct action in oil crisis

The London Socialist Alliance (LSA) stated today that the nationwide oil blockade is the greatest challenge to the Blair government to date. The New Labour government has been panicked by the very middle England business people it has eagerly courted, granting itself Emergency Powers and threatening to break the blockade with police and troops. Weyman Bennett, LSA candidate for Tottenham in the GLA elections and the recent by-election, said: “It’s clear why Blair is taking such a tough line. Labour ministers know that if the oil blockade succeeds, every trade Continue Reading →

LSA fourth in Tottenham – keeps deposit as Labour majority collapses New Labour councillor threatens LSA supporter with violence

Weyman Bennett, London Socialist Alliance (LSA) candidate, came fourth in yesterday’s Tottenham by-election – polling ten per cent of the collapsing New Labour vote and a third of the discredited Tories’ result – and kept his deposit. The LSA vote was 885, or 5.4%, ahead of the Greens, UKIP, Independent Conservative, and Reform 2000 Anti-VAT. “I am thrilled we’ve achieved this excellent result so early in the LSA’s existence,” said a smiling Bennett, the only candidate whose home is in Tottenham. “Voters are clearly hostile to New Labour and their Continue Reading →

Canvass returns show Labour majority collapsing in Tottenham

Labour party cancels meetings to shore up crumbling vote The London Socialist Alliance (LSA) canvass returns are showing the Labour majority vote collapsing in the Tottenham by-election. Attempts by New Labour’s David Lammy to sell himself as the successor to Bernie Grant have backfired as local voters wonder why they’ve never seen him before. In contrast, Weyman Bennett of the LSA is recognised nearly everywhere he goes and has drawn strong support from former colleagues of Bernie Grant. Described as Lammy’s chief detractor in the Evening Standard, Weyman said: “Labour Continue Reading →