Amazing Statistics About UK Valentine’s Day Spending

Valentine day is one of the biggest and most celebrated holidays all over the world. People spend huge sums of money buying presents and doing lots of other things for their lovers. One of the countries known for spending a lot of money on Valentine Day is UK. This is evidenced by statistics. We shall provide you with exclusive information about UK’s incredible spending on Valentine Day.

valentine day gifts pricesAccording to a recent survey conducted in UK, it was found out that men spend more money than their female partners. Every man spends an average of 26 pounds while women spend 21 pounds. This brings to an average of 670 million pounds per year in the entire United Kingdom.

The survey showed that the most popular gift among Britons is Lingerie. It accounts for approximately 38% of Valentine Day gifts. Satistics also indicate that chocolate is the second most popular Valentine gift, accounting for 36%. You will be surprised to know that flowers come in the third position (31%). Many people usually expect flowers to come in the first position but this is not the case with UK.

The major cities where couples spend heavily are London and Cambridge. The two cities are a no go zone for savy guys. The thrift type can opt for Carlise and Glasgow. Here you will spend less on your cheap date.

However, not every Briton celebrates Valentine Day. In fact, statistics show that an average of 38% of Britons don’t celebrate Valentine Day.

To add on, approximately 8% of lovers in UK report breaking relationship with their lovers on this special day. This is mainly due to realization that the person that they thought they loved is spending the day with someone else.

In conlusion, UK continues to be in the list of countries in the world that spend heavily on Valentine day. By next year, it is estimated that Valentine day spending will shoot to a whopping 2 billion pounds in UK alone.