Time for the left to unite. Join with us!


LONDON IS a tale of two cities: rich and poor. Last year banks in the City made £3 billion to £5 billion in excess profits. Yet London has six of the ten poorest boroughs in the country.

As house prices soar, ordinary Londoners find it harder and harder to find decent accommodation.

New Labour gives tax breaks to the rich but cuts benefits for single parents and the disabled, does nothing for pensioners, and expects workers to survive on £3.60 an hour.

Meanwhile, our basic public services deteriorate for lack of investment. We want to change this. We want a London run by ordinary people where everyone is free from poverty, insecurity and discrimination.

We want your support so we can fight for:

  • High quality services under public control—including schools, hospitals and libraries.
  • A publicly owned, fully integrated transport system of trains, underground and buses.
  • Thousands of new jobs created by building the homes, hospitals and schools so urgently needed.
  • The elimination of poverty by raising pensions and benefits, and by guaranteeing that nobody has to work for less than £7 an hour.
  • An end to racism and corruption in the police and racism and discrimination throughout London.

The Socialist Alliance is the result of an unprecedented agreement of a number of socialist organisations to run a joint programme for the GLA elections. This programme is part of a process of consultation with forces in the trade union, community and socialist movements and we hope that over the next months it can be developed to take in the real experience of all those fighting for change in London. If you want to help draw up a socialist manifesto for London, to help build a united socialist campaign to fight for a better life for Londoners then why don’t you join with us!